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"A few reasons why I like ACTUALISE Search & Selection: I am happy with ACTUALISE Search & Selection because they are very efficient and professional. I like ACTUALISE Search & Selection because they are always in touch with you to make sure you are alright and things are going well, which I have not found with any other agencies that I registered with." 

Manager Life Actuary - International Actuarial Consulting compagny

“ACTUALISE Search & Selection was so helpful and I really appreciated their help find me a new job. They understood my requirements and sent me to two companies within one month, the interview resulted in my gretting my current position. I would definitly working with them in the future should I require their services. Thank you again." 

Director Actuary Department - International Insurance Company

"I was very impressed with the service, level of contact and professionalism of ACTUALISE Search & Selection. Very painless. Much better than competitors that I have dealt with." 

Senior Consultant / Actuary Non-Life - International Actuarial Consulting compagny

"Overall experience was really positive, regular contact and kept up to speed with what was going on, quick response via phone and email." 

Senior Manager/ Employee Benefit - International Consulting Company - Actuary Practice

"Very good experience of ACTUALISE Search & Selection and how they dealt with myself and the liaison with the prospective company. Overall a very positive experience and one that I won't forget. Excellent agency from a candidate's perspective. My experience has been that from a candidates part agencies are less than helpful." 

Analyst Senior - Pricing - Insurance Company

"A good level of contact, I felt as if ACTUALISE Search & Selection had a genuine interest in my interests rather than just putting me forward for any role. Before looking for a role I also received the right level of contact to brief me and keep me informed." 

Health & providence Actuary - International Consulting Company


“Performed a completely professional job in finding appropriate candidates for this position, were also totally professional in being available, offering constructive advice and following up on this assignment at all stages”.

“We’ve had a very positive experience with Actualise Search & Selection who within 6 weeks solved a vacancy which had been dragging for 7 months with another firm…very good understanding of Company profile. All candidates proposed had a very good base fit to company culture.”

“Broad international network leading to truly international talent hunt: I have been offered people coming from 3 countries, Italy, Belgium and Germany. I know from search reports that candidates have been identified in an even broader number of countries.”

“I have been working with Actualise Search & Selection over recent months and the results speak for themselves. The fee was no greater than those charged by other companies, with whom we incur cost even if there is no placement.”

“I rarely recommend recruitment firms (once every ten years!), but I think Actualise Search & Selection warrant it in this situation. They were great to work with, kept me on the straight and narrow and made sure we kept the process on track. I delegated all of the interview arrangements and they were also helpful in the final closing negotiations.”

“Another great strength is their headhunting: They have been able to understand quickly such an unusual market as ours and to find the best candidates even we are very demanding.”

“Efficient working process, briefing via teleconference with all countries involved, weekly tracking of search status, permanent availability on the phone, regular e-mail reporting and contacts, quick responsiveness to client's requests. ACTUALISE Search & Selection delivered committed results: contract was for them to offer 3 valid candidates by end July. It was fully met.”

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